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What's New

What's New

A Report of 1st term in 2015

Entrance ceremony (1st term, 2015)

On April 20th, 2015, an entrance ceremony was held. Thirty two new students entered our school (29 students from Vietnam, 2 students from Philippines and 1 student from China). At an entrance ceremony, they introduced themselves and take a step forward in Japan.

Welcome party at Miroku-No-Sato

After the ceremony, they had a welcome party at Miroku-No-Sato amusement park and had a good time.

Extracurricular observation

May 1st 2015, all school members went to Hiroshima. Students visited Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and Children’s Peace Monument. They pray and offer folded paper cranes for peace. In the afternoon, they saw lots of stars at planetarium in Hiroshima Children’s Museum. It was a fine weather and they spent a great time.