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What's New

What's New


Alumni meeting in 2015

We would like to hold a opinion exchange party with alumni as follows. We wait for your participation.

13:00~16:30, August 8th, Sat, 2015
Miroku-no-sato Japanese Language School Of International Culture Institute

Please apply to participate with telephone or e-mail.

(PIC) Satoko Arita ,
(Tel) 084-988-0822 084-988-0822, (Mail) sarita@gol.com )

Recruitment of Students (April/ 2016)

Currently we are accepting registration of those who wish to enroll in the Course for 2-year Academic Preparation that will be opened in April of next year. Document submission to the Immigration Bureau is anticipated to be around the middle of December, but we will do document review, subject examination and interview test, so please apply as soon as possible.

Contact: (PIC, Vice-President) Yukihiro Seki
(Tel) 084-988-0822 084-988-0822, (Mail) chd5182001@yahoo.co.jp )

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: International Students Learning Encouragement Fee Determined

A result of applicant screening and examination, Mr. TRUONG XUAN HAI (from Vietnam) is going to receive Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

"Tsuneishi Group Kanbara Scholarship Association" scholarship students

Our school recommend following 4 students to scholarship of Kambara Ikueikai this year. (All 4 students are from Vietnam.) Mr. NGUYEN DUY TRUNG, MS. VU THI CHAM, MS. VU THI HA, MS. TRAN THI THU