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What's New

What's New

What's New


Alumni meeting in 2013

We would like to hold a opinion exchange party with alumni as follows. We wait for your participation.

Saturday, August 10, 2013
Miroku-no-sato Japanese Language School Of International Culture Institute
(PIC) Imazu Yasuyo,
(Tel) 084-988-0822, (Mail) xiaoyaoyao06@yahoo.co.jp )

To the graduates

We make and renew a list of graduates at all times. If you change your phone number, address and e-mail address, please contact the following contact address.
Furthermore, if ten years passed after graduation, please contact to confirm your data.

Contact: (PIC)
Nakamura Hiroko,
(Tel) 084-988-0822, email: chd5182001@yahoo.co.jp )

Recruitment of students(October/ 2013)

We start recruiting new students in October, 2014.(Course for 1.5-year Academic Preparation). Around June 28th, we apply documents to Immigration Bureau of Japan. Students who want to come this October would ask to apply documents as soon as possible, because we do applicant screening, examination and interview before apply.

Contact: (PIC)
Contact: (PIC, Office manager) Chen Handong,
(Tel) 084-988-0822, email: chd5182001@yahoo.co.jp )

"Tsuneishi Group Kanbara Scholarship Association" scholarship students

This year, we have 5 scholarship students of Kambara Ikueikai. China: / LI KE (李珂)/ LIN WEN (林文) WEI YING (魏英) Vietnam: NGO VAN PHAN/ TRAN VAN TUYEN

Certificate of Commendation for Honor Student

In 2012, we started our original scholarship, honor students program. This scholarship’s aim is to develop student’s exceptional ability and support their future goals. The 2012 academic year, Mr. Du Chong received this scholarship as congratulatory gift money which is about the same as school fees. He entered Graduate School of Information, Production and System, Waseda University in April 2013

1st term, 2013 School Events

April 1(Mon) Start 1st term
19(Fri) Entrance Ceremony and Welcome Party of 1st term
May 10(Fri) Extracurricular observation (Hiroshima/ Miyajima)
June 16(Sun) Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students
July 7(Sun) Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)
21(Sun) International student Japanese character reading contest
August 10(Sat) Alumni meeting in 2013
6(Tue)-18(Sun) Summer vacation
September 20(Fri) End of 1st term