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What's New

What's New

What's New

The 2012 year report of the 2nd semester

Experience the art of flower arrangement

On January 17th 2013, the art of flower arrangement’s professor came to our school and students experienced art of flower arrangement. (Special thanks to “Soroptimist International of Fukuyama”) For all students, this is the first time and they studied a lot about the art of flower arrangement. After experience, they decorated it at their own room. After experience, they decorated it at their own room.

Exchange program with Seika junior high school students

On January 22nd 2013, advanced class Ⅱ students had exchange program with Seika junior high school’s 2nd grade junior high school students. They heard junior high school student’s presentation about China, Vietnam and Nepal. They also experienced Japanese food and traditional game together.

Presentation for graduation

February 5th 2013, we had a presentation for graduation. Graduates have made groups, decided theme which they interested in, gathered information and made materials. They worked together and made good presentation.

Graduation Ceremony and Graduation Party

March 1st 2013, we had 22nd Graduation Ceremony. This year, 19 students graduated our school. Representing the graduates, Mr. Dai Wei (Course for 2-year Academic Preparation) and Mr. Cheng Bo (Course for 1.5-year Academic Preparation) made an address in reply. They express their appreciation to the people who have helped them and an aspiration for the future.
After graduation Ceremony, we had a Graduation Party.

Japanese Speech Contest for International Students (Sponsor: Society to Support International Exchange students)

March 3rd 2013, “21st Japanese Speech Contest for International Students” was held at Fukuyama City University. Three students (Du Chong, China/NGUYEN THANH TUY, Vietnam/ RANA PITAMBER, Nepal) participated the contest
and they made a speech about their dream, circumstances of young people, and children in future.
RANA presented a theme of “Sunrise” and got First prize.