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What's New

What's New

The 2010 year report of the 2nd semester

Graduation recital

February 8, 2011 (Tuesday) 47 students who were going to graduate from Academic Preparation classes, A, B and C divided into 8 groups and presented subjects such as “Animation industry”, “Goals”, “Maya’s prediction”, “Local cuisine” and such. Starting preparation from January, and experiencing field work such as questionnaire survey and interviews, they competed with each other with the results of their 2 years or 1.5 years of studying Japanese. There also were elementary class students and local visitors, and was a very fruitful presentation as questions flew fast and furious after their presentations.

Speech contest by foreign students

The 19th Japanese speech contest for foreign students was held at Fukuyama Newcastle Hotel on February 12, 2011. Three students participated from our school; Vietnamese Ms. Thuong That Hue, Chinese Mr. Wang Longlong (王龍龍), Filipina Ms. Christy Batramaki Diotai. They made presentations on themes titled “About Vietnam War", "Difference between Chinese Valentine's Day and Japan's", "The difference between Elder Care in the Philippines and Japan". The students received much sympathy and a warm applause from the audience.

Graduation ceremony

The 20th graduation ceremony took place on March 1, 2011. 47 students graduated from our school (Academic Preparation Class A 16, Academic Preparation Class B 19, Academic Preparation Class C 12; 40 Chinese, 5 Vietnamese and 2 Filipino). The president gave a congratulatory message to the graduating students who will start to walk on a new path to “Never forget their first steps”. Graduate Representative Ms. Sun Hongfang (孫洪芳) expressed his gratitude saying "This school is not just a place to study, but a place like a family who watched and taught me various things such as my future, value, etc."

Entrance Ceremony

2011 First semester entry ceremony was held on April 20 (Wednesday). 16 new students (12 Chinese, 3 Vietnamese, 1 Nepalese) walked into the ceremony surrounded by the warm applause of the special guests and seniors. Each student name was read aloud and was officially declared admission from the principal. New students introduced themselves in a loud voice, and together with seniors sang the school’s traditional "Welcome song". And sang "Let's work hard for our dream".

Extra curricular activities

On May 2, 2011 (Monday), 47 students took a large bus and went on a trip to Hiroshima / Miyajima. They learned about the history of Hiroshima and Miyajima before making the trip. In Hiroshima the students prayed for peace in silence before the memorial monument located in the Peace Memorial Park. At the Atomic Bomb Museum, they learned about the atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima 66 years ago. In Miyajima, they drew Omikuji at Itsukushima Shrine, took pictures with deers, and ate the local specialty oyster, and had a memorable time.