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What's New

What's New

What's New

The 2011 year report of the 2nd semester

Experience the art of flower arrangement

On January 11, 2012, with the courtesy of the people of Soroptimist International of Fukuyama, a flower arranging course was conducted at our school. It was a first time experience for all, and while learning many things related to flower arrangement from the teachers, everyone was able to make their own flower arrangement.

Seika Junior High School exchange meeting

On January 27, 2012, an exchange party was held with the students of the Academic Preparation Class and the 2nd grade students at Seika Junior High School. The junior high school students studied up on China, Vietnam, Nepal and South Korea and made a presentation. It gave our students a chance to think about their own country. We also deepened our exchanges through playing Japanese and Chinese games.

Graduation recital

On February 10, 2012, a graduation recital was held. The students separated into groups based on themes they were interested in and made their presentation. From making decisions on the themes, information gathering to creating documents, there were many firsts as well and many hurdles to overcome but the members of each group were able to cooperate with each other to create one presentation for each group.

Japanese speech contest by foreign students

The 20th Japanese speech contest by foreign students was held at Fukuyama Newcastle Hotel on March 12, 2012. Three students participated from our school, Ms. Huam Min Ta from Vietnam, with “Preparation of the heart”, Ms. Li Juanjuan (李娟娟) from China with “The ideal woman”, Mr. Li Youyou (李祐栄) from South Korea with "Distance between Japan and Korea". The students gave a very honest speech using their own words. Ms. Huam Min Ta was awarded the Excellence Award, the highest award after the Best Excellence Award.

Graduation ceremony

The 21st graduation ceremony took place on March 1, 2012. A total of 28 students graduated from our school, 15 from Academic Preparation Class A, and 13 from Academic Preparation Class B. The president gave a congratulatory message to the graduating students who will start to walk on a new path to “Never forget their first steps”. In addition, Ms. Les My and Ms. Huang Xianhua (黄仙花), who represent the alumni and replied, expressed their gratitude to the people who took care of them since coming to Japan and their expectations for the future.