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What's New

What's New

The 2009 year report of the 2nd semester

Graduation recital

43 graduates made graduation recitals as the culmination of their 2 years or 1.5 years of study. Each group of students decided themes for each group, conducted interviews and questionnaire surveys about them, or examined documents, and presented the results obtained using Power Point. There were themes such as "About sleep and student", "Let's review! Eating habits", "Ideas from drama“. Juniors also actively participated, listening diligently to seniors' presentations and asking questions.

Chitose Junior High School Exchange Meeting

This is an exchange party with the local junior high school held every year. The students make exchanges after dividing into three groups - “Music and art”, “Word and play”, and “Cuisine”. After listening to the junior high school students' presentations on each theme, they all work together. In "Music and art", they taught Chinese songs and sang them together. For “Word and play”, they taught everyday conversation phrases. In "Cuisine” they made dumplings. And at the end everyone ate the dumplings.

Speech contest by foreign students

In the speech contest by foreign students in Fukuyama City, two students from China, Ms. Huang Chunyong (黄春涌) and Ms. Tengyi Ye (滕乙曄) and Vietnamese student Mr. Hai participated from our school. They talked about what they felt in their study abroad life, what they learned, and so on. And Mr. Hai received the Excellence Award with the theme "If it’s going to improve, then a lie is OK”. Also, at the subsequent exchange party, they also had a great time by interacting with local students and foreign students from other schools.

Graduation ceremony

The 19th graduation ceremony took place on March 1, 2010. A total of 42 students (10 for the Course for 2-year Academic Preparation, 32 for the Course for 1.5-year Academic Preparation, Chinese 41, Vietnamese 1) graduated that day. At the ceremony, the principal said "Your possibilities are infinite. Understanding the two languages and culture is a great advantage. Please advance towards your dreams with responsibility and preparedness.“

Entrance Ceremony

Entry ceremony for the first semester of 2010 was held on April 20, and 23 people (China 13, Vietnam 8, Thailand 1, and Nepal 1) entered our school. The principal said at the ceremony "Today is the day when your study abroad life begins. Please prepare a plan first and set your own goals.“ Each freshman introduced himself in Japanese, and at the end of the ceremony, a welcome song was sung by the other students.

1st term, 2010 School Events

April 1st (Thursday) First Semester Opening Ceremony
17th (Saturday) Kansai University Dai-ichi Senior High School Exchange Meeting
20th (Tuesday) Entry ceremony for the first semester of 2010 and new student welcome party
May 1st (Saturday) Extracurricular activities (Seto Ohashi Bridge, Kurashiki)
June 20th (Sunday) 1st Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students
July 4th (Sunday) 1st Japanese Language Proficiency Test
25th (Sunday) Foreign Nationals Japanese Competition
31st (Saturday) - August 15th (Sunday) Summer vacation
August 22nd (Sunday) 20th foundation anniversary event
September 24th (Friday) First semester closing ceremony
Bingo District next stage of education briefing session