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What's New

What's New

2008 1.5 year course admission ceremony

2008 1.5 year course admission ceremony was held

The 2008 1.5 year course admission ceremony took place from 9 a.m. on October 14 (Tuesday).
Of 35 new students, 12 attended the ceremony.
There, the Headmistress gave the following words of encouragement: “It’s imperative to make your school life, together with your dedicated teachers and kind upper class students, a worthwhile one. In Japan has different customs and daily life are different, there are many challenges involved in being a foreign student. However, please work hard for the sake of your future.”

New students self-introductions
Greetings from current student

From Current student, Words like “The 1.5 year course is very short, so make sure to study hard!”
and “If you experience any difficulties at all, feel free to ask us” also reassured the new students.

  • Students interpreting during the ceremony
  • Teachers and staffs self-introductions
  • Group photograph of new students class

The new students put their all into introducing themselves in Japanese,
and looked extremely relieved when the entrance ceremony was over!