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Educational Characteristics


Educational Characteristics

Attendance rate 100%. We offer a learning environment that motivates the students to study!
Japanese Language Course and Academic Preparation and Liberal Arts Course are composed of a class with a small number of students, 20 or under, with 1 full-time lecturer assigned to one class, to conduct an integrated guidance. All lecturers are fully qualified and half of them are full-time faculty members. The lesson adopts the direct teaching method in Japanese, while restricting the use of their mother tongue during the class, we accustom them to think in Japanese and talk in Japanese. We put together a curriculum that will enable the students to absorb the four skills of “reading, writing, listening and speaking” in a balanced manner and to allow them to utilize these skills they acquire with various activities.

1. Thorough individual guidance

① Learning guidance

We will select guidance methods tailored to each student from regular tests, practice tests and analysis of results, provide special guidance to excellent students, and provide supplementary guidance for students who need to catch up.

② Academic preparation guidance

We will conduct interviews and examination instruction thoroughly until a convincing plan is determined upon.

③ Daily life guidance

We aim at 100% attendance rate and provide integrated guidance for dorm life and student life. We also have courses for the students to become familiar with Japanese laws and customs.

2. Academic preparation guidance in accordance with individual wishes, aptitude and ability

① Information gathering

We will accompany students to outside academic preparation briefings and open campus, as well as conduct an academic preparation orientation, lectures on academic preparation at our school by person in charge of entrance exam at universities and technical schools, and advice from current university students and those who are already working at alumni meetings.

② Recommendation entrance to designated schools

We recommend excellent students who have excellent grades. We currently have recommendation entrance quotas from 20 universities and vocational schools.

③ Individual interview

We conduct periodic interviews, individual guidance with essays and interviews, and support their exams.

3. Various countermeasures classes / lectures (free)

We have various classes (in class) and lectures (out of class) as shown below according to students' wishes and purposes. All can be taken free of charge.

<Examples of classes and lectures>

Preparation for graduate school class Entrance exam interview countermeasure lecture TOEIC countermeasure lecture
Japanese-Language Proficiency Test classes by level (N4~N1) Entrance examination English countermeasure lecture Kanji countermeasure lecture
Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (Japanese) classes by level Entrance examination math countermeasure lecture
Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students basic subjects (math, science, general subject) lecture Entrance examination essay countermeasure lecture

4. Cultural experience

We will conduct a variety of hands-on lessons so that the students can learn about Japanese culture and understand Japanese circumstances.

  • · Japanese culture experience such as tea ceremony, flower arrangement, calligraphy, Zen meditation, Noh etc.
  • · Visit facilities such as JFE, recycling plants, courthouse and water purification plants
  • · Special annual events lecture

5. Regional exchange

Through various exchange activities, we will communicate with local people and foreigners and make connections with the community.

  • · Exchange meeting with local elementary school students, junior high school students, university students aiming for Japanese language education
  • · Participation in local events, participation in international exchange events
  • · Exchange meeting with Hiroshima University students, accepting teaching practical training from Hiroshima Bunkyo Women's University etc.

6. Student leadership development

We will foster independence and leadership of students through student interpretation at ceremonies, guidance to new students, leader activities at sports events and alumni association events.