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Courses and Features


Available Courses

At Miroku-no-sato Japanese Language School Of International Culture Institute the following three courses are set up. Centered on learning the Japanese language, we carry out "comprehensive foreign student education” through learning Japanese culture and Japanese circumstances in order to acquire Japanese lifestyle. In addition, we offer various lessons for foreigners who want to learn Japanese separately.

[Course for Foreign Students (qualification for stay is "Study Abroad")]

  • ◆ Japanese Language Course for 2-year Academic Preparation, Course for 1.5-year Academic Preparation
  • ◆ 1-year Academic Preparation and Liberal Arts Course

[General Course (qualification for stay is other than "Study Abroad")]

  • ◆ Corporate Lessons
  • ◆ Private Lessons

5 features

<Features ① Comprehensive international student education>

With our dormitory system we will carefully educate foreign students who integrate their learning and living aspects.

<Feature ② 100% attendance rate>

All faculty and staff will aim for 100% attendance rate of their students with the dormitory system and their earnest guidance.

<Features ③ Preparation for Graduate school class>

For students who wish to go on to graduate school, we will provide guidance about how to contact the professor, how to write the research plan, as well as guidance for presentation and oral examination, special instruction in Japanese and English.

<Features ④ Academic Preparation and Liberal Arts Course>

The enrollment qualification shall be N3 or higher (applicants from abroad shall be N2 or higher). We aim the students to go on to university one year after completing the Japanese Language Course.

<Features ⑤ Free courses>

All courses set outside the class are free. Responding to the motivation of students, we will offer various classes.