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Daily Life Assistance

School Life

You’ll feel right at home in our student dormitory

All of our students stay in the student dormitory, which is a 10-minute walk from school.

The dormitory superintendents work to create an environment where students can focus on their studies. They also refer to the “Health Management and a Safe Environment” emergency manual to help sick or injured students, including contacting doctors and taking students to medical appointments. In an at-home atmosphere, superintendents are on hand (“Mom” in the morning and “Dad” at night) to assist students with their daily life twenty-four hours a day.

And because students of many different nationalities and cultures are living in the dormitory, it is a valuable chance to experience different cultures while still being in Japan.
Through living at the dormitory, you will learn the rules and customs necessary to live an independent life in Japanese society.

Facilities and furnishings

3 floors, 54 rooms in total (32 rooms for 1 person occupation, 19 rooms for 2 and 3 people occupation, 3 rooms for 4 people occupation)


Superintendents room, guest interview room, study room, recreation space (TV, drink vending machine, ping pong table), shoe box, kitchen (for cooking), gender separated laundry room (washing machine, dryer), gender separated shower room, toilets, smoking place, dorm rooms (4 rooms)


Dormitory room (25 rooms), washroom, sink, toilet


Dormitory room (25 rooms), washroom, sink, toilet

Room Furnishings

Study desk, chair, bed, complete set of bedding, air conditioner, fridge, cupboard, closet, trash can, all rooms with inter phone, whole building Free Wi-Fi

Message from the Superintendent

Leaving your parents for the first time can be scary. We realize this, and with the motto of “an at-home atmosphere,” we work hard to be confidantes to our students.
We also give our all to making students feel safe and comfortable in regards to crime prevention, disaster prevention, medical care, and daily life. Living with other students in the dormitory means that there is always someone near to discuss your worries or problems with, which is extremely assuring.  And visiting your friends’ and fellow students’ rooms to chat is one of the best parts of living in a dormitory.
I really think that living in the school dormitory with your friends makes your school life that much more enjoyable.

Messages from graduates

Chen Lihong from China (came to Japan in October 2007)

It’s been three months since I came to Japan. I’ve gotten used to the dormitory and have learned how to make delicious foods. It’s also a very good environment for studying, which we enjoy doing together.

Huong Quingyun from China (came to Japan in October 2007)

Every day in the dormitory is a fun one. I’m learning how to cook from my friends every day, so my cooking has gotten better. It’s also a quiet place that’s good for studying. I love living here!

Doan from Vietnam (came to Japan in October 2007)

Everyone lives together in the dormitory, which makes daily life fun. It’s quiet here with nice air, which is important for studying. And cooking with everyone means you can learn how to make foods from other countries.

Quan from Vietnam (came to Japan in April 2007)

All of the students living in the dormitory have good relationships with each other. There are also lots of chances to use Japanese when talking with students from other countries. I enjoy living here. Daily life is fun, and I have also learned to speak a little Japanese.

Let us help make your daily life safe

With your safety in mind. Take the bus to go shopping!

We arrange shopping buses three times a week on Monday, Thursday and Saturday.
We offer a bus service for students who want to buy groceries and other items.
Japanese vegetables, fish, meet, sweets, and other foods are available to buy at supermarkets within the town. There are also shops that sell foods from China, Vietnam, and other countries. And because local residents also come to shop, you can practice using the Japanese you’ve studied to talk with them.
Many friendly people live in Numakuma-cho, so please feel free approach them for a chat!

It’s not easy to live in a foreign country. All sorts of problems arise every day. Especially when you first arrive, there are all sorts of procedures to complete, and problems with the language and customs too. It’s even a challenge to gather the basic necessities for living.
 To help, we run the Shopping Bus for everyone to use, and our staff is always willing to listen if you have any problems or concerns regarding your daily life.

It is our important task to assure that our students are safe. We are always prepared to swiftly respond if a student is involved in an accident or falls ill. And we believe that the best support we can give is to approach students who are worried or having problems and to lend an ear to their troubles like a parent would.
Our job is to help students live in Japan with peace of mind and to concentrate on studying. We support everyone to have fun every day and to live a study abroad life with a smile.