Certified by Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education Visa Application Agency Authorized by the Ministry of Justice

Application Procedures


Application Procedures

Qualification of applicants

Applicant must satisfy all of the following conditions:

  • (1) Who is a foreign national, having completed at least 12 years of regular school education in a foreign country, and having basic academic achievement equivalent to high school graduate.
  • (2) Who has studied Japanese language for 150 hours or more and having capability of Japanese language equivalent to Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N5 or higher.
  • (3) Who has not been turned down any application for status of residence in the past due to false content in the application.
  • (4) Who can comply with laws of Japan and school rules, and is cooperative and social sufficient for group life.
  • (5) Who is physically and mentally healthy, having a clear object and vision of studying Japanese language and a course to be taken after graduation.

Selection of successful applicants

Successful applicants are chosen by way of overall results of application documents screening, interview, and written tests (Japanese and mathematics).

  • Note 1) Applicant must fill the necessary items in Questionnaire (in a form prescribed by us) and (air)mail, facsimile or email the same to us. Questionnaire form will be given on demand.
  • Note 2) The schedule of interview and written test will be notified to you after our receipt of Questionnaire. Test sites are scheduled to be Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, and Jakarta and Lombok in Indonesia.
  • Note 3) Should you find any difficulty in attending the test due to geographical reason or the like, please notify us accordingly.

Selection Fee

Applicant who has passed our screening and has applied for status of residence must remit 20,000 Japanese Yen as our selection fee within the specified period by telegraphic transfer to our specified bank account.

Test Schedule

Time of Entrance For April entrants (Course for 2-year Academic Preparation) For October entrants (Course for 1.5-year Academic Preparation)
Period for Submission of Questionnaire August 1 – September 15 March 1 – April 15
Date of test Late September – October Late April – May
Closing date for submission of application forms Last day of October Last day of May
Notification of acceptance or non-acceptance Early March Early September
Closing date for entrance procedure March 15 September 15
Date of entrance Middle of April Middle of October