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We offer an ideal environment for your study

Miroku-no-sato Japanese Language School Of International Culture Institute is located in the southern part of Fukuyama-city in Hiroshima Prefecture, and is surrounded by abundant nature including mountains and the sea. The area around the school is extremely quiet, making it the perfect environment for studying.
The classes at Miroku-no-sato Japanese Language School are small. Beginning with our class teachers, our experienced teaching staff makes use of our continuing research-based curriculum to assist our students in their study of Japanese. Our student dormitories, only a ten minute walk from the school, have superintendents on call twenty-four hours a day to assure your safety. Students can learn about Japanese customs and rules while living together with their friends, which makes it easy to accustom to their unfamiliar new life as a foreign student.
Each year, the majority of our graduates continue on to universities or college. Many graduates also find employment at Japanese companies after the university or college. When we meet our graduates at our annual alumni meeting, we are always extremely happy to see how much they have grown. Miroku-no-sato Japanese Language School supports our students as they study the Japanese language, which is a competitive advantage that helps them blaze their own path as they spread their wings in Japan or global.

Principal Hiroko Nakamura Headmistress

Aiming to be the best place to learn Japanese

School Overview

Name Miroku-no-sato Japanese Language School Of International Culture Institute (Hiroshima Prefecture Authorized Special Institute)
Location 22-3 Nakasanna, Numakuma-cho, Fukuyama-city Hiroshima Prefecture
Telephone +81-84-988-0822
Fax +81-84-988-0881
E-mail Address mirojpl@gol.com
Student Dormitory 21-5 Nakasanna, Numakuma-cho, Fukuyama-city Hiroshima Prefecture
Daily Life Assistance
Dormitory Telephone +81-84-988-1730
Available Courses Japanese Language Course for 2-year Academic Preparation (April entrance)
Japanese Language Course for 1.5-year Academic Preparation (October entrance)
1-year Academic Preparation and Liberal Arts Course (April entrance)
Who is Eligible Those who have received over 12 years of school education outside Japan.
A person who is motivated to study, aiming to go to graduate school, university, or a vocational school in Japan.
Capacity 140 people
Established September 21, 1990
Educational Characteristics
  • 1. Thorough individual guidance
  • 2. Academic preparation guidance in accordance with individual wishes, aptitude and ability
  • 3. Various countermeasures classes / courses (free)
  • 4. Cultural experience
  • 5. Regional exchange
  • 6. Student leadership development
New Student Applications Twice a year in April and October
Other Courses Private lessons and lessons geared towards corporations are accepted at any time. Please make inquiries. They can also be incorporated into the academic preparation courses.